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Church, Youth, and Mormons, Oh My!

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While perusing the blogs this morning, a few youth ministry related posts stood out to me:

  • Student ministry workers: focus on the kids that ARE there, eh? How many times did I stand in front of the group of youth that God had given me and complain about all of the people that were missing. I wonder how I made those that were there feel? May I never treat the absence of many as a bigger deal than the presence of the few.
  • Why (Greg Stier thinks that) Mormons Do Better Youth Ministry. In an article on the Dare 2 Share website, Stier suggests that the Mormon church does a better job of reaching today’s youth. I don’t know that I agree with the gist of this article. However, we could use some of their principles and ideas and apply them to our ministries and churches in a way that would glorify the Lord.
  • Why church is often a student’s last priority. On the heels of the previous article, Tim Schmoyer offers up his take on why church seems to be the last priority in the life of today’s teenagers. He ties in the comparison of the church and the athletics organizations that many teenagers are involved in.

Written by Andy

March 17, 2007 at 12:30 pm

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