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“…all things were created through Him and for Him.” (Colossians 1:16)

A Deafening Silence

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A final song, a final breath, a final beat of a heart. Finality is inescapable. We are surrounded by time and its limits. However, time is not the only factor of this existence that effects us all. Sin surrounds us and we are, at every moment, stained by its cursed presence in this world. One of the most blatant signs of this fact is death. Death brings an end to time, but not to our existence.

While many of us were sleeping last night, Luciano Pavarotti ended his walk with time. In the early hours of Thursday, September 6, 2007, Pavarotti’s body succumbed to the effects of cancer and his time on Earth came to an end. One of the greatest voices ever known to man was silenced. No more will his face be graced with that wonderful smile. No longer will his mouth open so that he may, in a way that only he could, soothe our ears with (what seemed to many to be) angelic songs. A voice unmatched this side of eternity, silenced. For now…

As I sit at my desk, listening to Pavarotti’s recordings, I wonder what our voices will sound like in Eternity.

I do know, though, that Pavarotti’s voice has in no way been silenced forever. Either he is before the very throne of our Creator, singing eternal praises with an even greater voice than the voice he was gifted with while here on Earth, or the man often thought to be the world’s greatest singer will one day declare Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Which is the case, I know not.

I’ve watched him perform. In those brief moments, I sit in awe. What an amazing gift this man had! People would stand and applaud him at the end of nearly every one of his performances — many overcome with tears at the absolute beauty of his voice. He seemed to take great joy in this, in his art, the music, in the entire experience. I wonder, what was it that made him so happy? Was it the praise that he received? Was it the joy that he brought to others? Was it the simple act of doing what he loved?

Nonetheless, it is on days like today that I reminded of my temporal existence. My life is a vapor; like grass that grows and stands only to one day be cut down and be blown away by the wind. Whenever that day comes, I know that my voice, like that of Pavarotti’s and countless others, will be silenced here on Earth. Then, as I find myself in Eternity, it will begin singing a new song. A song that not even the angels can sing. A song of redemption and praise to the Eternal Lamb.

I pray that the same will be the case for you; that you will glory now in Christ and, therefore, be eternally glorifying Him in Eternity. There, silence will be no more, but eternal praises and worship will forever ring throughout the age that will never end as we stand Coram Deo.


Written by Andy

September 6, 2007 at 8:48 am

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