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“…all things were created through Him and for Him.” (Colossians 1:16)

Object or Author

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Are we not missing the point when we praise the author more than we praise the Object of worship music?

For example, one of the most moving songs that I have heard in recent memory was released a week or two ago by Chris Tomlin — Jesus MessiahEMI, of course, put out a press release to go along with Tomlin’s latest hit.  However, reading over it today, the above thought struck me while reading the following quotes:

“Chris Tomlin strikes gold again in his beautiful ballad ‘Jesus Messiah.’ Chris seems unable to pen a bad or even mediocre song. It is simply always spectacular.” –Jon Rivers, music director KLOVE Radio Network

“Chris never disappoints. ‘Jesus Messiah’ is another example of his deep songs that are easy to sing and still keep the focus on the One who deserves the glory.” –Jim Beeler, music director, KSBJ-FM

“I knew Chris Tomlin’s new song, ‘Jesus Messiah’ was going to be an ‘add,’ but I’ve run out of superlatives. It surpassed all our expectations; wow!” –Scott Valentine, program director, KCMS-FM

“Tomlin does it again! It’s honest. It’s sincere. It connects. It’s worship not just for Sundays, but for life lived every day. It’s here, and will be for years to come!” –Chris Lemke, GM/PD WCSG-FM

“I am not sure how Chris keeps doing it, but once again we have a song that is going to be huge! This one is easily on the short list for song of the year already.” –Jeff Cruz, assistant program director, WPOZ-FM

I’m not sure that we “get it” with Tomlin’s work.  Reading the quotes above, it’s one for Chris and one for Christ and so-on.  To me, it’s almost like those who praised and followed Paul or Peter (or follow Driscoll or Piper to be more up-to-date) for their words instead of the true Author of those words.  Knowing that Tomlin is just an instrument and his work is merely the work of the Almighty could help keep us from creation worship and more focused on Creator worship.

My wonderful wife, she had to remind a bunch of teenagers of the same sort of thing when they were awe-struck by Louie Giglio’s appearance at Big Stuf Camp this week.  Her response to them?  “He’s just a pot of clay…”  The same goes for Tomlin and I’m convinced that both of them would tell you that with a strong affirmation.  So let us worship the Object of worship music (or amazing sermons, stories, etc.) and not the author(s).

May it be so it my life first and foremost.


Written by Andy

June 26, 2008 at 2:15 pm

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