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Now What?

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So we made it to Franklin.  Now what?

For me, it’s busy time.  The very day after we moved, I got a phone call informing me that I was assigned to fly to Texas for the week.  That didn’t work out as planned, but I was still gone for the entire week.  The two weeks after that found me out of state as well.

By the end of the month, I had maybe five days in my new home.  The rest were spent on the road or flying the friendly skies.  I enjoyed it, but it made it difficult to adjust to our new home and situation.  However, I’ve had a few days at home now and I am trying to get caught up on a couple of things that I am very behind on.

Life at home is great.  Life for our daughter is grand.  Life on the road is a huge adjustment for me, seeing as how I’ve spent the last 5 years working in education.  Life in the church had us a bit concerned, but God provided a wonderful spot with wonderful people and it looks like we’re settling in there quite nicely.

So the question remains — now what? What does this new chapter of our lives hold for us?  Time will tell.

For now, know that I am among the living and am trying my hardest to get back up to speed inside the series of tubes we call, the Internet.  Hopefully, I will be able to share more about our new home, new friends, and a little bit about my new job.

Until then…


Written by Andy

September 6, 2008 at 2:00 am

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Life Pre-Florida

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Wow. The term “real life trumps blogging” is sometimes a voluntary thing, but sometimes, it’s a mandatory thing. For me, it was the latter over the past few months.

On October 5, 2007, my life changed forever. It’s amazing how one plate of food can send your life into a major spiral and you have no clue until many months have passed. That one incident created a domino effect in my personal life that affected my spiritual walk, my life at home, and my life at work. It led to another surgery in January of 2008, and shortly after that, I began seeing a new doctor to treat some post-WLS issues that have come up over the last 18 months.

All of this has been a recipe for disaster as I’ve tried to handle it all on my own.  It’s hardly the smartest thing I’ve ever done.  Should I ask for help and/or prayer from my friend?  Nahh… Should I ask my wife to pray for me or talk to her about everything I’m struggling with?  No way. Maybe I should be honest with my doctor? Are you crazy?

Lie after lie was being thrown at me by the father of lies and my flesh was being fed and in-turn, believing the lies and living according to them as opposed to living according to the Truth.  In a nutshell, it all caught up with me.  I suffered repercussions at work, at home, and medically speaking.  Thank God that He used the “catching up” part for my good and His glory.  I no longer feel alone, led to work on things alone, and I am no longer leaving my friends and loved-ones out of my life’s struggles.  It’s almost like this is the way God intended us to operate

So, stopping short of losing a lot of what I call my life, God gave me a wake-up call last month and, by His grace, I was able to answer it rather than ignoring it.  I’m still in the process of answering Him, too.  His wake-up calls aren’t like the hotel kind — you can’t just pick up the receiver and slam it right back down.  It’s a process, and I’m thankful it is.  So, for me, it started a few weeks ago, and I’m still in the middle of it all.  It looks like things are moving along, and I may have some life changes around the corner.

So, right now I will rest in the fact that my Father has rescued me from myself — at least for the time being.  I exercise my faith and trust in Him by working on my walk and my leadership at home.  Most of all, I live according to my complete need of Him in order to open my eyes and put one foot in front of the other.  So that, as I trust Him, my path will be made straight and cause my steps to glorify Him.

Want more details?  You’ll have to sit down over a cup of java with me. 😉

Up next?  Me and the Princesses take a trip to Orlando to see Mickey & Co.

Written by Andy

June 13, 2008 at 11:37 am

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